Luan Banzai is a Brazilian visual artist & filmmaker who combines drawing, painting, film and animation to create emotive visual narratives. He likes to blend primitive feelings and modern social behaviors into a lively mix of cultural trends, desires, memories, ideas and dreams.

✈ Currently based in Geneva, Switzerland
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Member of the duo HANAZU, with Noémie Creux.
Co-Creator and associate of Banzai Studio, along with Thales BanzaiFernando Nogari and Rimon Guimarães, since 2006.

PROJECTS Section is focussed on art projects and personal projects. It is a place where creation runs free as an exercise of pushing the boundaries of the mind to absolute freedom of expression.
COMMISSIONS is a selection of commercial projects and client based projects. Here is where the visual skills are put in service of a precise idea, concept or product. The main focus is communicating through powerful visual story telling.
VIBRANT THINGS are part of my everyday production. Perhaps not as consistent as a project alone, yet not less important, they represent at the same time process and result, inspiration and expiration, work and idleness. It is an overview of what my visual world looks like.
LIVING VISUAL ARTS stands for visual arts that are real and vivid. That are experience based, created through a constant exchange between the artist and the surroundings. That is also never fixed, constantly changing and evolving, following the rules of impermanence. These ideas combine my two main influences: the Hip-hop culture and the Zen buddhist philosophy. For me, both share the same principles of understanding the experience of life and the artistic process as something that happens right here, right now but somehow connected to everything, with the potential of being a great practice of peace, love unity and fun.
Luan Banzai
Ponta Grossa, Brazil

Spoken Languages:
Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and basic Japanese 

2017 | BA Fine Arts: Art & Spaces @ HEAD, Geneva University of Arts & Design | Geneva, Switzerland
2016 | Fine Arts: Spatial Design (Exchange Program) @ KUAD, Kyoto University of Arts & Design | Kyoto, Japan
2012 | Film Directing @ BAP, Bande à Part École de Cinéma | Barcelona, Spain

Selected Exhibitions:
2020 - Étoile Expansive @ OMUR Art Space | Geneva, Switzerland
2019 - La Exhibit @ La Negra Factory | Barcelona, Spain
2019 - Mentre Existeix @ Do The Print | Barcelona, Spain
2018 - A Crepe in the Fog @ Kiri Art Cultivation Center | Kameoka, Japan
2017 - Le Grand Tour @ Hispano-Suiza | Geneva, Switzerland
2016 - Les Cabines @ Bains de Pâquis | Geneva, Switzerland
2016 - Arguments @ Espace TOPIC | Geneva, Switzerland
2016 - La Navette @ Milkshake Gallery | Geneva, Switzerland
2015 - M.U.E.S.U.M. @ Ariana Museum of Ceramics - Geneva, Switzerland
2014 - MOVE! Plasticity @ São Paulo's Biennal Of Architecture - São Paulo, Brazil

Selected Art Fairs & Events:
2019 - La Radio Cosmique @ BIG Independent Art Biennale | Geneva, Switzerland
2019 - Não sei por onde começar @ Centro Cultural SP | São Paulo, Brazil
2018 - Kameoka Art Summit @ Michi-no-Eki Galleria | Kameoka, Japan
2018 - PLANA Festival @ Cinemateca Brasileira | São Paulo, Brazil
2017 - Nuit des Images @ Elysée Museum - Lausanne, Switzerland
2017 - La Radio Cosmique @ BIG Independent Art Biennale | Geneva, Switzerland
2017 - PLANA Festival @ MIS Museu da Imagem e do Som | São Paulo, Brazil

Selected Talks & Conferences:
2017 - The SpaceShip Theory @ NEXCoworking | Curitiba, Brazil
2016 - The SpaceShip Theory @ Les Grands Voisins | Paris, France
2016 - The SpaceShip Theory @ PechaKuchaNight Kyoto | Kyoto, Japan
2016 - ART is LIFE @ Kyoto Seika University | Kyoto, Japan
2016 - ART is LIFE @ Kyoto University of Arts and Design (KUAD) | Kyoto, Japan
2015 - What is my pussy telling me? @ Geneva University of Arts and Design (HEAD) | Geneva, Switzerland
Clients for commissioned work include:
MTV, Converse, Heineken, Unilever, Macy's, P&G, ÖUS, Psyop Animation, Chimaski Studio, Whole Love Kyoto, ApexBrasil, VisionaireWorld, Wieden+Kennedy, among others.